Nothing Bundt Cakes, Gluten-Free Style

Nothing Bundt Cakes, Gluten-Free Style

Back when I could eat gluten without a care in the world, I occasionally enjoyed a treat from Nothing Bundt Cakes. This chain of bakeries specializes in adorable bundt cakes in different flavors with thick cream cheese icing piped on top.

When I discovered that they make a gluten-free chocolate chip bundt cake, I admit I was doubtful it would taste even close to the original, but of course, in the interest of the kind of hard-hitting investigative journalism we do at The Gluten Free Good Life, I had to find out.

Cue the sound of angels singing because….. IT. WAS. SO. GOOD.

When my husband picked up the GF bundt cake at the shop, the employee told him that many customers say this flavor is their favorite, even if they can eat the flavors that contain gluten. Now obviously I was not able to do a side-by-side comparison taste test of the GF vs. the regular ones, but I will say I could not tell a difference. The gluten-free chocolate chip bundt cake was that good.

The texture of the cake, the flavor, and the icing were all just as perfect as I remembered from before. This is a winner!

The cakes come in different sizes: 8-inch, 10-inch, bundtlets (1-2 servings), and bundtinis (bite-size). At our store, they usually have the bundtlets available anytime for walk-ins and you have to call in one hour in advance to order the other sizes. The bundtlets are $4 each, and they are perfect for sharing (or eating half by yourself and then hiding the other half from your family in the back of your refridgerator’s vegetable drawer for you to enjoy all by yourself later). Either way. You do you.

I hope they add a second gluten-free flavor to their lineup! Perhaps the white chocolate raspberry? Or maybe the lemon flavor? Which flavor would you like to see offered as a gluten-free option? Comment below!

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