Mom’s Place Gluten-Free Cake Mix

Mom’s Place Gluten-Free Cake Mix

Mom’s Place Gluten-Free Cake Mix

I recently discovered Mom’s Place Gluten Free and I am so excited to share this find with you! They offer more than 100 gluten-free mixes for breads, desserts, soups, meals, pasta, seasonings and other items.

Most everything looked good to me so I had to rein it in and choose just a few products to try. My first order included mixes for a cake with icing, soft pretzels, donuts, and bread. Hello, carbs!

I decided to try the cake mix first. The regular priced listed on the website is $9.99 but I purchased it on sale, so my cost was $6.99 plus shipping. I also ordered the buttercream frosting mix to go along with the cake mix for an additional $3.00.

The mix has directions for either yellow or white cake, with a few variations in ingredients. I like yellow cake, so I followed those directions and added butter, eggs, milk, sour cream and vanilla to the mix.

The directions said to mix until just blended.

The batter was thicker than regular cake batter. When I poured it into the cake pans, the batter stayed in one place instead of spreading out through the pans, so I used my spatula to spread it around.

I probably should have done a better job smoothing the top of the batter because when the cake came out of the oven, there was a pretty noticeable bump on top of the cake.

The bump wasn’t a big deal although it did make my layer cake a little wobbly.

Side note: my mom (who is a wonderful cook and baker) always claimed she was bad at making and frosting cakes, so she usually made cakes in a 9 x 13 pan. When I was about four or five, my aunt served a layer cake at a family dinner and I asked her in amazement “how did you get the frosting in the middle of the cake like that?” My aunt suggested to my mother that perhaps she should make a layer cake once in awhile! Yes, I’ve led a sheltered life.

Next up was making the frosting! The directions included options for either buttercream or cream cheese frosting, and I went with the buttercream option. For this, I added milk and vanilla to the mix. The icing was a bit thin, as you can see from the drips around the cake in the photo below.


Here are is a look at the finished product.

My family’s reviews:

After one bite, my son asked if I could please make this for his birthday next month. He is eight and his birthday is the number one issue on his mind these days!

My husband, who has a very keen sense of smell, noted that the cake did not have a traditional aroma while it was baking, but he really enjoyed the flavor of the cake. The cake was definitely heavier than gluten-filled cake and even a small slice was quite filling. Overall, my husband reallly liked the cake and said he would like to have it again.

I liked the flavor of the cake but was a tiny bit disappointed in the heavier texture. I probably had unrealistic expectations/hopes that this would be exactly like regular cake, and I need to just get over that idea because, you know, gluten. The cake was not as moist as I would have hoped, and I think the next time I make it I will add some instant pudding mix to the batter. I’ve used that trick with other gluten-free cake mixes and it really helps. The frosting was good, but I think my homeade frosting is better, so I would not purchase the frosting mix again.

Overall, the cake was a hit and we all enjoyed it! It is interesting to me that my gluten-eaters in the house seemed to like the cake better than I did. Maybe they were just happy that I made cake for them?

As a bonus, there are related recipes on the Mom’s Place Gluten Free website that use the cake mix:  gluten-free blueberry cheesecake crumble cake (sounds incredible), pistacchio bread, and a cobbler.

I will definitely order this cake mix again and tweak it with the addition of the vanilla pudding mix. Since I like my homeade frosting, I would not order the frosting mix again, but it did have a nice flavor. I am eager to try the other mixes I ordered!


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