Mini-Vanilla Donut Mix with Glaze from Mom’s Place Gluten Free

Mini-Vanilla Donut Mix with Glaze from Mom’s Place Gluten Free

In an earlier blog post, I shared my discovery of  Mom’s Place Gluten Free – an online company offering more than 100 gluten-free mixes for breads, desserts, soups, meals, pasta, seasonings and other items.

After first making the Mom’s Place Gluten Free Cake Mix, I decided to try my hand with Mom’s Place Gluten Free Mini-Vanilla Donut Mix with Glaze.

The mix called for buttermilk, butter, vanilla and an egg. If you didn’t have buttermilk, there were directions for using milk plus one tablespoon of vinegar. There was also a variation to make maple donuts with the addition of maple syrup.

The directions said to mix until all of the lumps were gone. I used my favorite mixing bowl from Harry and David, which sadly is no longer available, but these bowls from Kook are very similiar.

The batter was like a thick cake batter. It was too thick to pour into the donut pan, so I scooped it out with a spoon and spread it around evenly. This was my first time using my Wilton non-stick donut pan – very exciting!

I baked the donuts as directed at 325 degrees for about 15 minutes. At this point, I should mention that this mix was for mini donuts and I used a regular-size donut pan. The mix said it would make 21 mini donuts but I made eight full-size donuts. As you can see from the photo below, the donuts really puffed up and I probably could have made 10 full-size donuts instead.

The tops were not as browned as I expected, so maybe I should have baked them a bit longer since the baking time was for mini donuts. The bottoms of the donuts were a little more browned than the tops.

I combined the glaze mix with one tablespoon of milk as directed. It was a bit thinner than I like, so if I make these again, I will use a little less milk.


The verdict: I liked the flavor of the donuts and glaze. The texture of the donuts is heavier than “regular” donuts, but that is quite common in gluten-free baked goods. As I sampled the donut, it occurred to me that most donuts you get from a bakery are fried and I baked these. Perhaps if I used a donut maker or deep fryer the texture would be more like a bakery donut? Since I don’t actually NEED more donuts in my life, I don’t think I will purchase either of those appliances anytime soon.

Honestly, the next time I crave a gluten-free donut, I will probably just get one from a bakery and not bother with making it myself. As infrequently as I eat donuts, I would want to enjoy a full-on fried bit of deliciousness instead of one I baked at home. If you like baking and want to make your own donuts, this mix is a good option. The donuts have a good flavor and baking them is certainly a healthier option than frying.


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