8 Unbelievably Good Gluten-Free Salty Snacks

8 Unbelievably Good Gluten-Free Salty Snacks

8 Unbelievably Good Gluten-Free Salty Snacks

Who says you are stuck eating boring snacks when you are gluten-free? Not me! I’m a big fan of salty, crunchy snacks and here are my current gluten-free favorites (affiliate links):

Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers. These crispy crackers have a nice crunch and are very tasty. My favorite variety is Rosemary and Sea Salt. The delicate flavor of the rosemary makes me feel like I am eating a special treat. The Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil flavor is delicious, too. Pair these crackers with some cheese for a perfect light meal or snack. Certified Gluten Free.

Simple Mills Almond Flour CrackersKettle Brand Potato Chips. Yes, the basic ingredients of all potato chips (potatoes and salt) are naturally gluten-free, but some brands add flavorings that contain gluten or process on shared manufacturing lines where other products containing gluten are produced. There are a ton of flavors like Korean Barbeque, Sea Salt and Vinegar and Honey Dijon, but my favorite is Backyard Barbeque. Certified Gluten Free.

Snack Factory Gluten-Free Pretzel Crisps. These are among the favorite snacks at my house. My gluten-eating family members actually prefer these to the regular (gluten-filled) pretzel crisps. These are lighter and crispier than most pretzels, and they have a delicious pretzel flavor. Pair these with a creamy gluten-free dip and you have a little bit of heaven on a plate. So good! Certified Gluten Free.

Nuts. I love many different types of nuts (both the kind that grow on trees and the ones found in my family tree!). Cashews and almonds are some of my current faves. Planter’s Nuts are not labeled gluten-free, but wheat is not listed on the label as an allergen. Check out Nuts.com for Certified Gluten Free nuts.


Quest Tortilla Style Protein Chips. These crispy chips have just the right amount of crunchiness and the flavors are delicious, too. My favorite is Nacho Cheese, which reminds me of a cross between Cheez-Its and Doritos. Other varieties include Loaded Taco, Chili Lime, Ranch and Spicy Sweet Chili. With 16 grams of protein per serving, these snacks are a good substitute for protein bars and shakes. Certified Gluten Free.

SkinnyPop Popcorn. Popped popcorn, popcorn chips, popcorn mini cakes and microwave popcorn – SkinnyPop has you covered for all of your gluten-free popcorn needs. Flavors include White Cheddar, Sweet and Salty Kettle, Salted Carmel, and Cinnamon and Sugar. According to the company, “all our products contain no artificial ingredients or flavors, are non-GMO, and always gluten-free.” Certified Gluten Free.


Nut-Thins. Delicious and crunchy, these nut and rice cracker snacks taste great on their own or with a little peanut butter or Laughing Cow Cheese. I like the original Nut-Thins best, but there are many other flavors including Sriracha, Country Ranch, Pepperjack, and Honey Cinnamon. Certified Gluten Free.


Cheetos. This one may surprise you — Cheetos are gluten-free (at least the ones produced in the U.S.). I remember how happy I was to discover that I could still eat Cheetos after I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Cheetos are a fun snack that remind me of my childhood and it’s nice to be able to enjoy them while on a gluten-free diet.


Are any of your favorite gluten-free snacks missing from this list? If so, please comment below.

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